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    Install trees big and small in your landscaping.

  • 🌿Planning

    Its never to early to plan your landscaping, and trees are definitely a big part of it! If you haven’t started thinking about what sort of trees you’d like in your yard, there are many aspects and characteristics of trees that you’ll need to consider when making your final choice . What may look nice in a movie or picture, may not work with your landscaping setup. At Environmental Design, we work with you to select the best tree for your yard. You want a tree that’s both beautiful and an attractive addition to your yard. We look at branch structure, leaf shape and color, whether it flowers or produces fruit or nuts.


    How big will the tree get? And what is the life expectancy? Consider the shadow it will cast in the summer. You don’t want it blocking the light for other parts of your yard. Yearly and seasonal maintenance is something to consider, especially if you’re one who doesn’t like extra yard work. Conifers are nice possibilities, as they don’t drop as much as a berry tree. Large cones are much easier to pick up then little berries everywhere. Additionally, it’s important to select a tree that works with Minnesota weather. At Environmental Design, we work closely with you to get the tree selection and installation done the right way.

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