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Mistakes to Avoid & Tips to Employ

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It is never too late to implement a few tips to get your lawn and landscaping looking their best. There are also some popular mistakes to avoid that even the most seasoned of green thumbs can make. Environmental Designs has a put together a list of these to help get you and your yard on the road to success. As experts in residential landscaping near Prior Lake, we at Environmental Design want to be sure that we are always doing our best to help you enhance your lawn and landscaping. Here are a few or our favorite lawn improvement tips as well as some common mistakes we’ve seen along the way.


By keeping the turf of your residential landscaping edged, it creates a distinct, well-manicured touch to your lawn. When you edge with roughly every other mowing session, grass is prevented from growing into the landscaper beds.

Proper Pruning

Many residential landscaping beginners often make the same mistake with their shrubs; pruning at the wrong time. Failing to prune a shrub such as forsythia at the correct time could remove the blower buds that produce the beautiful blooms.residential landscaping

Hedge Trimming

You must keep after a hedge, so that it doesn’t get away from you. The individual bushes that comprise a hedge can get out of sync if left to their own devices.

Grass Mowing

How tall or short you cut your lawn may, at first glance, seem rather arbitrary. However, cutting grass too short or two long can seriously hurt your grass. During the growing season, mow weekly to make sure that you are cutting away no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time.

Install the Right Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add beauty to your landscape, and they also serve a purpose too. They help with soil erosion and landslides by adding stability. Make sure that the stones you choose for your retaining walls match your patio and other hardscaping features in your residential landscaping. You want your retaining walls to blend in with the rest of your yard. In addition to our many residential landscaping services, we also specialize in building retaining walls.

These are just a few suggestions to help enhance your residential landscaping. And, if you need assistance with any of these, we can help! Contact us and we can tell you even more.

Would you like more information about high quality residential landscaping near Prior Lake? Call us at Environmental Design at 952-997-6533, or you can contact us to set up a Free Estimate.


Get Inspired! Finding Ideas for Your Landscape Design

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When it comes to ideas and inspiration for landscape design in Minneapolis, we here at Environmental Design have seen and created many beautiful designs over our years in business. There are several ways to go about gathering ideas for landscape design and we would like to offer a few for you to consider.

landscape design

Put it into Context

The first thing you want to take note of when coming up with a landscape design is what function you want your new landscaping to serve. Are you looking to entertain guests there? Do you prefer solitude and just want somewhere you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature? Do your kids want somewhere safe to play outdoors? Or maybe you want all of the above for a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is functional. This is the most basic question you can ask yourself as you’re thinking of landscape design ideas.

There are also seasonal questions to ask yourself. If your yard has limited shade, you may want to consider plants that do best in direct light and full sun. Depending on what time of day your yard gets the most sun, that can also impact landscape design and what plants will thrive the best in your yard.

It is also very important to look into flowers and trees that thrive well in your area. And, as a local business, the experts at Environmental Design are well-versed in plants that do well in our Minneapolis climate.

Go Online

There are many great places to find inspiration for your landscape design. Start by driving around your neighborhood and look to see if any landscape designs spark your interest. Next, go online! There are so many great places to find landscaping inspiration from Pinterest to Google images to home improvement blog posts. Feel free to print anything out that you like and have it for us to take a look at. Our online landscape gallery is another great place for you to get inspired; it offers a glimpse into the many projects we’ve completed over the years and a taste of what we can do in landscape design.

If you are undecided about certain aspects of your landscape design, we can help you fill in the blanks. Soon enough, your yard will look as good in reality as it does in your head!

So when you are ready to discuss your landscape design ideas for your Minneapolis yard, call us at 952-997-6533 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Spring Refresh: Preparing Your New Landscape

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Spring has arrived! It’s time to get outside and begin creating the perfect landscape for your home! As the weather continues to warm, your garden and grasses will continue to bud with new growth. But, the winter has no doubt left its mark on your yard with broken branches, bare patches and some additional cleanup that needs to take place. As a trusted name in residential landscaping for Lakeville and surrounding areas, we’ve put quite a bit of thought into this. So, here are a few tips from the professional landscaping specialists here at Environmental Design to help you get your yard spring-ready.

Revive with Raking

Carefully rake up all of the dead leaves, debris and pine cones that have gathered on your lawn over the last several months. Raking helps loosen the soil, improving air flow and encouraging your grass to grow.

Re-Seed Bare Patches

If you notice any bare patches in your lawn, loosen the surface and spread a mixture of grass seed and compost or fertilizer over the bare spot. Tamp the surface with your rake to firm in the seed. If you aren’t comfortable doing this on your own or if the issue is wide-spread, give your expert residential landscaping company a call and we can help!

Reapply Mulch

Apply a new layer of mulch to your shrubs and trees; providing a depth of between two and four inches. It can help your plants retain moisture; helping them grow throughout the spring and summer. Residential landscaping experts like us know a lot about mulching and fertilization, so give us a call if you want to learn more!

residential landscaping

Refresh with Water

Get your new plants off to a good start by thoroughly soaking the soil before putting them in the ground. And once they’re in the ground, keep the soil slightly moist at all times during the beginning of growing season until plants become well-established. A good rule of thumb is to “water once a week and water deep.” If you have any questions about how to properly water your lawn, ask a residential landscaping company like us for guidance.

For more residential landscaping tips like these, give us a call! We can even meet with you for an on-site consultation and plot a custom design and detailed plan to get your yard looking its best this season.

Are you interested in learning more about residential landscaping in Lakeville? Call Environmental Design at 952-997-6533 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Fit Granite Into Your Landscaping

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Guest post by Northstar Granite Tops

Granite is a resilient, durable, stain and burn resistant rock that places second overall on Moh’s Rock Scale, just behind diamonds as the hardest on earth. They take a licking and keep on looking great throughout the years.

The primary minerals that exist within granite are quartz, feldspar, hornblende and mica. Each and every  one of these minerals is extremely hard. Thus, granite ably resists scratching, chipping, and discoloration caused by heat, making it ideally suited for countertops in and outside of your home.

Granite is an excellent choice for outdoor patios because its mineral content handles the annual freeze and thaw cycle incredibly well. Granite ably withstands the rigors of the sun’s ultraviolet light and therefore heat. Being outdoors, your granite counters will need a resealing from time to time. This will help prevent moisture from penetrating the surface of your granite slabs.

Granite can be implemented in any set up on a patio or outdoors. They can be used as countertops on a bar, kitchen (with sinks!), along grills (permanent grills, moving them will prove a challenge), as coffee tables, tables for eating—anything practical that you can think of can be enhanced by the resilient granite slabs you choose to populate your outdoor leisure area.

In addition to tables and countertops, granite can also be used as pavers, as a decorative facing or veneer, and even for curbs. There is no limit to the potential uses for granite on your patio, or, even your wider property. Granite remnants are much more affordable than a full slab, so you can mix and match different types and colors of granite to create a unique look that will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Typically, quarried granite slabs offer a salt and pepper effect, bespeckling an otherwise wide range of colors from black, charcoal or dark gray on to white, taupe or even cream. You will even find brilliant blue hues thrown into the mix of the fabricated and installed granite counter or table tops on your patio. Granite being “natural,” there really is an almost endless array of colors and patterning available, far beyond the scope referenced above. Some slabs even display small crystals that are uniform and consistent throughout it, while others have a flow about them, in the form of large, random crystallization patterns.

When combined with a well manicured lawn, garden and/or landscape, the granite-laden patio can really pop! At the same time, granite, being a natural stone, blends in with the environment and does not deter or distract from the outdoor oasis you’ve created.

Northstar Granite Tops is natural stone countertop provider to Minnesotans, indoors or outdoors!

A Landscaper Knows: Lawn Tips for Pre-Summer

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With summer right around the corner, it is never too late to implement a few tips to get that lawn of yours looking great to match your landscaping. A professional landscaper near Shakopee, we at Environmental Design want to be sure that you are making the necessary effort to ensure that your yard matches all that we do to enhance your property. Here are a few lawn improvement tips to get you there!


Keep you turf edged. It looks great, distinct and creates a separating barrier between the lawn and the landscaping. It is advisable to harness the power of an edger (gas or electric) or a weedeater/weedwhacker (held vertically). When you edge with roughly every other mowing session, grass is prevented from growing into the landscaper beds.


Add lime to the lawn every spring and fall. This reduces the overall high PH which often found in the area. Relatively cheap, usually resulting in the elimination of at least one annual fertilization application, lime ultimately enhances the beauty of the grass. 


The ideal technique for mowing the lawn involves creating two strips around the perimeter of your yard and then mowing in straight lines perpendicular to them. Mix up this pattern over subsequent mows. During the growing season, mow weekly to make sure that you are cutting away no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time.

Before or during mowing season, get your blades sharpened at least once. Checking that oil each time you mow. As an annual event, change the oil each season. This will help your mower last longer over time. It is advisable to use a mulching mower, as they allow the water and nutrients in grass clippings to land on the soil, reducing the need for overall watering and fertilizers.


This helps fill in those barren patches of your lawn and acts to move out undesirable varieties of grass. Try a mixture of ryegrass and fine fescue seeds. Apply them in Spring or Fall, ensuring that the seeds do not dry out until after germination (roughly three weeks).

Complementing the beautiful design and implementation of a landscaper, a handsome lawn makes a lovely overall landscape. These are just a few suggestions from our landscaping company. Contact us and we can tell you even more! Would you like more information about a high quality landscaper near Shakopee? Call us at Environmental Design at 952-997-6533, or you can contact us to set up a Free Estimate.

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